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Play-to-Earn in Thetan Arena

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Play-to-earn game Thetan Arena uses, like many other play-to-earn games, blockchain technology. Just by using your skills, you can gather friends, form a team, battle others, and earn token rewards. In Thetan Arena, your teamwork and personal skills combine to create an exciting gameplay experience. With monthly updates and attractive rewards, you can challenge yourself with a variety of gameplay modes including MOBAs and Battle Royales.

It is probably the easiest game to get into for new players wanting to experience the world of P2E games.

Play-to-earn #

In Thetan Arena, you can Play to Earn in many ways:

  • You can use a Free (Normal) Hero to participate in battles to accumulate enough Thetan Coins ($THC) for playing without investing money. You can also use $THC to open more Premium Heroes or sell it to the market in a peer-to-peer manner.
  • Thetan Boxes can be opened by combining $THC and $THG if you cannot wait. Players can spend a lot of time playing Premium Heroes to level up, and possibly trade them for $THC. Additionally, Premium Heroes can be used to participate in various special events to earn more $THC and $THG.
  • As a holder of a digital asset, you can treat Premium Heroes as digital assets that may earn rewards/income by actively competing in the Arena. The owner of premium heroes can enter private arrangements with the actual players, engaging in direct peer-to-peer arrangements for renting out heroes or sharing rewards obtained cooperatively. They can work together to earn digital tokens if they cannot obtain these Premium heroes, as they have the time & skills to optimize your digital assets.
  • Players who spend time to sharpen their skills and abilities to optimize any Heroes and become partners in the Thetan ecosystem.
  • As a streamer, you can earn rewards from Thetan by streaming games.
F2P + P2E Diagram

Free-to-Play #

Since its first version, Thetan Arena has introduced a new concept called Free-to-Play. The requirement that players invest a certain amount of money in playing the game can be unreasonable and has prevented many traditional players from playing NFT games. However, the greater the number of players, the better the battle in an e-sport game. Pay to Play limits Thetan Arena’s expansion in the future, and because of that, the developers created the game as a Free-to-Play model, which requires no investment from the player.

New players will be assigned a normal hero to play with and can use them to earn native in-game tokens (Thetan Coins). You will get the second and third heroes after achieving a certain rank. With these three free heroes, you can earn enough tokens to unlock premium heroes on Thetan Marketplace.

In comparison to the premium hero, the free hero offers fewer opportunities to earn tokens. However, a free hero cannot be bought, sold, or traded. Another disadvantage is that special events are not open to free heroes. Needless to say, you cannot trade free heroes in the marketplace.

Free to Earn #

A new definition of free to earn was first proposed by Thetan Arena in its economic system. The free-to-earn model means players do not have to spend money to play the game, they only have to commit time and effort.

The system will give a player a normal character called Raidon when they start the game. With this character, players can engage in free battles.

When the player wins the match, they can claim Thetan Coin and Thetan Gem.


So, as soon as players log into the game for the first time, they will receive a free hero at Level 1 and two more later on. You can upgrade those heroes for free by using $THC (Thetan Coin) or power points. The only difference is that free heroes cannot be minted or sold on the NFT marketplace.

Free to earn distribution chart

Conclusion: #

Thetan Arena is a promising game from a very recognized brand, MOBA E-Sport. One month since the game has released, it has already picked up 6 million players along the way. It is possibly the easiest Play-To-Earn game to get into if one has never invested in NFT games before. It is expected that this trend will continue and pick up steam over time. It is also important to note that game mechanics and subject to change at any moment and often to stabilize the in-game economy. 

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