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Introduction to Wombat Dungeon Master

Introduction to wombat dungeon master

2021 and 2022 have been huge for NFT investors. Hundreds of collections and in-game NFTs have been minted; Sales of NFT jumped to more than $17 billion in 2021. However, many of these NFTs have become worthless over time, leaving investors with old collections in their web3 wallets. Fortunately, Wombat Dungeon Master brings new utility to these NFTs.

Game Mechanics #

Launched on EOS and WAX on December 12th, 2021, Wombat Dungeon Master is a NFT staking game in which players can stake their NFTs and earn in-game equipment + WAX / EOS tokens in return.

The game is fairly easy to play. Players (a.k.a. Dungeon Masters) can connect their EOS or WAX Wombat Wallet to the game, after which players can immediately access their NFTs and stake them. Based on the rarity of the NFT collection, a certain amount of mining power is allocated to the Wombat.

Dungeon Masters can choose from 4 different durations to send their Wombats into the dungeon: 5 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours, and 1 day. Once the Wombats return, they have a chance to bring back materials (Coal, Iron and Uranium), XP, and NFTs.

On top of this, Dungeon Masters have a 3% chance to get an NFT-pack every 24 hours. These NFT-packs contain valuable items to upgrade your Wombat, such as Lights, Digging Tools, Bags etc. Wombats also have an inbuild leveling system, which plays, together with their equipment, an important role in their total mining power. Mining power is a value between 1 and 10,000 and determines the success-rate of a mission. The higher the mining power, the higher the chances are that Wombats will return with loot.

Each Dungeon Master has 1 Wombat to his disposal that can be used to for scavenging loot in the dungeon. Wombats have seven stats that which impact the retrieved loot. These stats are Speed, Max Carriage, Duration, Experience, Uranium Harvest, Iron Harvest and Coal Harvest.

In addition to (NFT) equipment, there are also (non NFT) crafting materials that Dungeon Masters can purchase with Uranium, Coal, and Iron. It’s important to point out that these three raw materials aren’t tokenized, which is something that is unusual for blockchain games.


Crafting materials, called Wombatium, can be used to craft a variety of in-game items. For example, if a Dungeon Master has 3 Standard Packs and a Blossom Wombatium, a Silver Pack can be created. A full list of crafting recipes can be viewed below.

Wombatium recipes
Transformation Wombatium Crafting

Finally, at the end of each season a Dungeon Master’s earned points are converted to either WAX or EOS tokens. To be more specific, for every 100,000 reward points collected throughout the season, each Dungeon Master will receive 1$ worth of tokens from the prize pool at the end of a season.

Roadmap #

The Wombat Dungeon Master team (which are, as of writing, still anonymous) have published a limited roadmap for 2022:

For Q1-Q2 2022, we plan to take the following steps in the project’s development:

  • 15.12.2021: Dungeon Master launches its open beta version
  • February 2022: Adding items, varied dungeon run periods and leveling up
  • March 2022: Adding materials, more items and crafting
  • April 2022: Adding more wombats.
  • May 2022: Adding more dungeons; dungeons become collection-dependent.

Key steps to look out for are (1) the addition of multiple Wombats per Dungeon Master, meaning an increase in mining sessions and (2), the addition of NFT collection-dependent dungeons, which could play a huge role in rewarding players with specific / limited rewards.

Conclusión #

Wombat Dungeon Masters is an easy to play game that solves the utility issues of NFT collections. By rewarding its players with in-game items, NFTs, and tokens, NFTs are more likely to be kept in a user’s wallet rather than traded or left to be forgotten.


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