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What is Dragon Kart ($KART)?

Dragon Kar both includes Play-to-Earn and Free-to-Play features. Players can participate in the game without paying a fee and earn money from the game. Through this mechanism, the project is accessible to investors as well as traditional gamers.

Developed on Binance Smart Chain, Dragon Kart is a 3D battle racing game based on the Pikalong series by a Vietnamese well-known artist named Thang Fly. The game allows players to take part in dramatic races, showcasing their driving skills and earning cash when they win. Dragon Kart’s gameplay requires players to combine their driving skills with the use of their own character skills so as to create an “arena” of life and death. Additionally, on each track, there will be mystery boxes from which participants can obtain a new weapon that will help them gain an advantage.

Dragon Kart’s Goals #

In addition to creating esport games, Dragon Kart aims to create a platform game that connects crypto investors with gamers and streamers. Gaming, investment, and in-game exchange will become famous worldwide as a result of these three components.

Dragon Kart must complete three tasks to reach these goals:

  • For players to keep playing on a daily basis, the gameplay must be captivating and entertaining. Game features such as the Metaverse world and other accompanying features must facilitate users’ connection together. A miniature society in the game allows players to interact and be connected.
  • Through the system, players can buy tracks (maps) to create their own tournaments and reward participants. Kart Coin ($KART) can be used to incentivize, reward participants and generate revenue for race organizers using popular platforms such as Facebook/Twitch/YouTube.
  • Investors are closely connected to players. In addition to being a player, they can also be strategic investors in order to reap good returns. In order to provide a DEFI economy on the blockchain, Dragon Kart will assist with making it transparent and convenient. On the DeFi system, players can stake, lend, and farm assets owned by investors.

Why Dragon Kart is unique #

Dragon Kart has implemented multiple features to become a unique blockchain game. Here’s why:

Free to play #

First of all, Dragon Kart is Free to play. New players of Dragon Kart will be given a default character and a default racing car to participate in Dragon Kart’s racing arena. As the player completes races, they will receive experience to level up, and once they reach a certain level, they will unlock new characters or items to be able to receive (free characters and items cannot be traded).

Play to earn #

The second reason why the game is unique is because Dragon Kart allows players to earn money by playing the game in the following ways:

  • Free players will use the default characters and race cars to participate in the game modes and earn high ranks. When they join, they can receive a set of characters that can be traded in the marketplace or used to earn $KART through game modes. If you’re using the default character and racing car, it will take longer than if you’re using the character and car traded in the marketplace.
  • You can use $KART to purchase characters and racing cars on the marketplace if you can’t wait. In the game modes, players can receive $KART tokens instantly when using this character and racing car. Compete and conquer leaderboards and competitions if you want more.
  • As a digital asset, you can invest in $KART and in-game NFTs as an investor. Through an in-game Defi mechanism, investors can generate passive profits through activities such as staking, farming, and lending. Furthermore, if you own NFTs, you can lend those NFTs together with other players at an optional price depending on the agreement between you and the borrower.
  • To earn some money, or do your own events and arrange proper rewards as you expect, you can buy maps (in NFT standard) that are traded on the market to have your own income from these events.

DeFi #

As Dragon Kart is built on the blockchain platform, financial systems (DeFi) will also be developed by the project to help investors increase their profits through investment forms such as Staking, Farming, Lending, and Renting.

Marketplace #

Dragon Kart provides a marketplace for players to buy and sell in-game characters and items. Marketplace is built on Binance Smart Chain providing fast transaction and low transaction costs, allowing players to freely trade their assets.

In-game items such as characters, karts (vehicles), accessories, etc. are all NFTs. The NFTs in the game follow the BEP-721 standard, which is the most popular NFT standard. NFT items are the property of the player and they have full control over them in exchanges and purchases of NFT items on the Marketplace.

Marketplace dragon kart

Currently, Dragon Kart has 3 game modes: PvC, PvP, and Duel, where players can compete in dramatic races with their friends or other players. Winners receive rewards. Among the rewards are $KARTs, characters, and items in the form of NFTs. These are all tradeable.

Players can earn extra income by completing daily quests in this game. Dragon Kart also built a ranking system to make races more competitive and offer rewards to players.

Dragon kart quests

The Road Map #

Like every healthy project, Dragon kart has created a Roadmap that they want to stick to, making it clear for investors what they can expect. The roadmap is displayed in the image below:

dragon kart roadmap official

Technical Data #

$KART is the governance and utility token. The $KART token is used in the project’s ecosystem for trading, staking, farming, and lending. In addition, $KART is used as currency to buy and sell NFT on the marketplace. The $KART token is developed on the Binance Smart Chain platform because of its high stability and low fees, which can attract lots of users/ players.

Token Metric #

Dragon Kart’s token metric is as follows:

  • Token name: Dragon Kart
  • Token symbol: KART
  • Max Supply:100,000,000
  • Token Type: BEP20
  • Type: Governance token
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Conclusión  #

Vietnamese culture is being brought to the world by a team with more than five years of experience developing traditional games. With Dragon Kart, you’ll be able to play games, have fun, and relieve stress. Players will also have the opportunity to earn income while playing games.


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