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Introduction to DEXTools (DEXT)?

DEXTools is an app and ecosystem for traders that offers information about all the decentralized markets. By integrating blockchain data into one unified UI, DEXTools offers you a comprehensive view of your investments, trading, and the current state of the cryptomarket.

DEXT is a native utility token used for:

  • Holding or subscribing to the app’s top features.
  • Access to the premium trading group and community initiatives like DEXT Force Ventures.

Among DEXT’s tools are:

  • You can track liquidity movements and the formation of new pools on decentralized exchanges with Pool Explorer.
  • You can check the charts and transactions of a token in addition to the trust and metrics of a project with Pair Explorer.
  • With wallet information, you can track and follow the wallets of your favorite traders.
  • You can track whales and big transactions with Big Swap Explorer.
  • To improve trading response times, Multiswap opens up multiple DEX portals.

The amount of DEXT coins that are in circulation #

The DEXTools app was released as a public beta in June of 2020 with 200 Million tokens created. 50% of team funds (50M) have been burned, leaving a total supply of 150 Million DEXT. From all subscription tokens used to pay DEXT features, the DEXT Team burns 10% every month, making it a deflationary system. 100 million tokens are now in circulation.

The DEXTools Founders #

DEXTools Founders Frederick and Javier are experienced traders and developers who founded DEXTools in 2020 and funded it on their own. Having met at a traders’ group in 2017, they decided to launch DEXTools together after years of friendship.

The current CTO, Pablo, joined the team a month after the launch and laid the foundation for the project’s growth.

DEXTools had been adopted by the DeFi community to such an extent that it became the central hub for Defi trading as it exists today.

What Makes DEXTools Unique #

With its large infrastructure, DEXTools is able to provide both reliable and real-time data. A part of DEXTools’ development is based on community feedback, and the company supports initiatives like DEXT Force and DEXT Force Ventures.

Thanks to the hard work of the team, DEXTools is now what it is today, with 6 skilled team members and 2 advisors, with more than 5 Million unique users in the last month.

DEXT is available for trading on an increasing number of exchanges, including cryptocurrencies as well as stablecoins.

What DEXtools offers #

Token traders can get a better understanding of different tokens using DEXtools. Based on different data, the platform ranks tokens and allows the community to rank them as well. The community ranking can be seen on the website under “Community Ranking.”. Moreover, you can see detailed tokenomics, such as liquidity and volume, as well as live prices.

DEXtools offers one of the most advanced features in its transaction section where all transactions are displayed, including their size, time, address, and price. It is possible to use this information to evaluate the timing of trades by a good trader.

How to use DEXtools #

DEXtools.io has a “launch app” button. You can use it to access the DEXtools app home page. See below for an example.

DEXtools Overview
DEXtools Overview

You can see in the left hand corner that there is a Uniswap Tools section and a Sushi Tools section. DEXtools analyzes these two DEXs on the Ethereum network. DEXtools will integrate more Ethereum DEXs in the future. Besides Binance Smart Chain and Polygon mainnet, DEXtools has also expanded into Binance Smart Chain.

Why DEXtools #

The problem with most websites that keep a list of token prices is that they are several minutes behind real-time prices. This is not the case with DEXtools. Before buying a token, you should always check the price here first. In the case of tokens whose prices fluctuate greatly, this feature can save you a lot of money and give you more confidence when trading.

The trending coins can be found in the middle of DEXtools. If you want to jump on the next trend or simply want to see where the money is currently flowing, this section is useful.

Charts and tokenomics #

For charts and tokenomics of a particular token, you can type the name of the token or the contract address into the search bar of the DEX you’re using. It’s important to use the correct name and address, as there are a lot of counterfeit coins and tokens in circulation.

DEXtools Chart
DEXtools Chart

You can find helpful information about your token on this page, such as its liquidity, its DEXtools score, the community rating, and the number of token holders. The candlestick chart and the price movement of your token are displayed on the right side of this section. You can adjust the timeframe and analyze patterns with this tool.

An overview of transactions #

As you scroll down from the chart, you will see more information about the buy and sell orders, including wallet addresses and amounts of tokens bought and sold. The following table shows every transaction made for this token, including the quantity and price (see below).

DEXtools transactions
DEXtools transactions

DEXtools displays these transactions in real-time based on the blockchain. With some experience, you can use this tool to find out how much and how much whales are buying and selling. You can also view your own transactions here.

Conclusión #

Trading on decentralized exchanges requires knowledge of DEXtools. Before purchasing a token, you should always check the real-time price. Learning how to use the platform has a number of benefits that can give someone the edge they need to succeed.

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