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What is Zodiac NFT

A lot of us agree that NFT technology is a game changer for many things from gaming to our economy, but the NFT art that is popular right now consists mostly of immovable 3D objects. Judging by the available information, Zodiac NFT is aiming to move that part of the NFT world to a whole new level.

How It Works #

Just like Opensea, Zodiac NFT will have an open-source marketplace where users can buy and sell all sorts of NFTs. The Zodiac team is heavily focused on 3D models and a 3D environment so that would be one aspect in which this platform is different from Opensea.

According to their whitepaper, the MetaMuseum will be a place where the most expensive NFT art is sold. In their own words, it should be the foundation and cornerstone of virtual tourism in the Metaverse.

Goals #

The long-term plan is to transform Zodiac into the Louvre of web 3, if you will. The MetaMuseum will be accompanied by an auction house while the whole protocol will be running on the Ethereum mainnet.

Once launched, the platform will offer 777 unique NFTs for every Zodiac sign meaning that the initial launch will include 9,324 NFTs to begin with.


Roadmap #

There are no clear dates that can be found on the website but the launch of the platform and future updates should be coming in this order:

  • Issuing the Zodiac NFTs along with platform launch
  • Open Zodiac 3D Experience Gallery Online
  • Partner with other NFT projects to create 3D versions of their art
  • Drop 2nd Collection and Gallery
  • Open Meta Museum
  • Sell “Land” for other NFTs to display their own halls/galleries in the Meta Museum.
  • Open Zodiac 3D Gallery in Las Vegas
  • Expand Land Sales
  • Open Meta Auction House For Other 3D NFTs To Be Auctioned & Sold

It is also expected that Zodiac NFT holders will be generating long-term value by gaining access to exclusive NFT drops and future sales. For example, those that want to display their NFT art on Zodiac NFT will have to own land where it can be displayed and early adopters will have exclusive access to land sales.

Summary #

It seems that Zodiac NFT doesn’t only want to compete with OpenSea and other NFT markets but they want to improve on that concept. A very ambitious idea that will need time to take shape so doing your own research is always highly recommended.
Since there are no clear dates in the whitepaper and roadmap we can’t know for sure when the platform will launch but those that want to stay up to date can do so by visiting the website and joining their community on social media or Discord.

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*Publicidad pagada. No es asesoramiento financiero. RugDoc no se hace responsable de los proyectos aquí expuestos. DYOR y mantente seguro.