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CoinGecko – A Beginner’s Guide

CoinGecko is one of the most popular sites for listing live crypto prices. Additionally, CoinGecko provides educational material, yield gain calculations, and interactive giveaways to welcome new crypto users into the community. The default cryptocurrency on CoinGecko is Bitcoin, which has the largest market cap and network. However, there are thousands of other cryptocurrencies to explore. Sifting through project after project can be tedious without the proper tools to refine your search. In order to provide users with a wealth of different data points and information relating to the crypto markets, CoinGecko has categorized all the different characteristics of tokens.

Since 2014, CoinGecko has been providing live crypto prices. Additionally, CoinGecko provides educational material, yield gain calculations, and interactive giveaways to welcome new users to the community. At first glance, CoinGecko defaults to Bitcoin because it has the largest market cap and network. Thousands of coins are still waiting to be discovered. If you don’t have the right tools to refine your search, sifting through project after project can become tedious. To allow users to see a wealth of data and information relating to the crypto markets, CoinGecko has categorized all the different characteristics of tokens into categories. 

We will explore CoinGecko’s ecosystem in this article and see the tools and products it has to offer. In addition, we’ll discuss some of the different features of the platform that help you stay on top of industry changes. We’ll also direct you to where you can get project updates on CoinGecko. 

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What Is CoinGecko? #

CoinGecko is a mobile app and website that aggregates information regarding the performance of most cryptocurrencies. CoinGecko displays real-time price information, trading volume, and price fluctuations over periods ranging from one hour to one week to as far back as the data allows. Additionally, crypto assets are ranked by market capitalization, with the largest ranking highest.

Coingecko logo

Additionally, CoinGecko is one of the most useful tools available to crypto traders and investors. With 6000+ crypto assets to choose from, CoinGecko acts as a source of reliable information. Providing useful links to official websites, blog posts, and social media accounts, CoinGecko is like a Swiss Army knife for cryptocurrency analysis. 

CoinGecko also displays the contract addresses for crypto assets. You can import the contract addresses for newly purchased tokens into a MetaMask wallet quickly when you purchase ERC-20 tokens from a DEX (decentralized exchange) such as Uniswap. When purchasing lesser-known tokens, you can also be sure you’re using the right contract address in order to avoid scams.

MetaMask logo

To help inform their trading decisions, crypto investors use CoinGecko as a one-stop-shop for reliable crypto information. CoinGecko is also extremely useful for keeping up with the latest tokens and hot crypto trends. The reason for this is that CoinGecko monitors the crypto industry’s growth and the project’s development. Moreover, CoinGecko tracks on-chain metrics, open-source code development, and upcoming industry events.

Additionally, you can filter and refine your searches using CoinGecko’s various criteria to find exactly what you are looking for, fast. In the top performing coins of the day, you can, for example, view them with a single click. If you click again, you’ll see the biggest losers!

Background  #

TM Lee and Bobby Ong founded CoinGecko, a Singapore-based company in 2014. A Malaysian government agency (MaGIC) has supported the team with support at conferences worldwide. In a two-week program sponsored by MaGIC, the pair learned from Silicon Valley experts. 

Gecko bitcoin

For cryptocurrency research, CoinGecko has partnered with Humboldt University of Berlin and Western University, Canada. In addition to the Handbook of Digital Currency, several books have also been published on blockchain, digital finance, and regulation. Currently, CoinGecko has 20 employees, with vacancies for team expansion. 

In addition to Forbes, Wall Street Journal (WSJ), CNBC, Decrypt, CoinDesk, and CoinTelegraph, CoinGecko has been featured in various major publications.  

What Metrics Does CoinGecko Show? #

The landing page displays a list of the top 100 performing cryptocurrencies, as already described. A coin’s market capitalization is displayed by default under the ‘Market’ view. With the ‘All-Time High’ tab, you can view crypto prices ranked by market dominance, or view a range of Github statistics under ‘Developer’. On the top right-hand side, you will also find a tab called ‘Social’. A project’s Facebook likes, Telegram subscribers, or Reddit subscribers are shown here. Socially active projects are less likely to be scams. Nevertheless, this should not be the only tool used to evaluate the legitimacy of a project!

The top of every page shows the number of different coins and exchanges available, as well as the total crypto market cap. It fluctuates around the $1 trillion mark at the time of writing. On the right side, you’ll find the 24-hour volume followed by the BTC and ETH dominance percentages of the cryptocurrency market. The ETH gas price can also be found in the header. It indicates how busy the Ethereum Network is and is measured in Gwei. This is a quick way to find out if now is the right time to buy. By monitoring CoinGecko frequently, you can soon figure out when gas prices are cheapest in your time zone, and when it is cheapest to place trades.

Ethereum GAS

Over 40 local fiat currencies can be viewed alongside the Bitcoin price on CoinGecko. Over 20 languages are available on CoinGecko’s website. There are three categories of exchanges available at CoinGecko: spot, decentralized exchanges (DEXs), and derivatives. Trust scores are assigned to each exchange, which indicate the validity to users.

Where to Find Crypto Prices #

Use the search bar in the top right to find crypto prices or projects not featured on the home page. You can search for an asset by name or ticker, then choose the appropriate coin or token from the drop-down menu.

When you arrive at a project landing page, you can see the project’s information at a glance. A project’s ranking, links to its website, and social media platforms are displayed on the left. There is also a link to the token’s contract address, block explorers, and compatible wallets.

In the right-hand column, you can see the current token price and the percentage change in USD value (as the default currency) and BTC and ETH value. Below the price you can see the project market cap, 24-hour trading volume, and the lowest and highest value the token has achieved in the past 24 hours. In addition, you can view the circulating supply and the maximum supply of tokens. 

A trading chart with time frames ranging from a 24-hour view to the entire listing history is displayed by default on the ‘Overview’ tab. In addition, the token’s value can be viewed in either USD or BTC. To the right is a chart showing recent market statistics and price movements. Tokens can be purchased on the exchanges listed below the trading chart. Alternatively, you can click the link to the exchange for more information or to make a trade.  

A brief overview of the project and sometimes the team can be found at the bottom of the page. As data is provided by the team to CoinGecko, the amount of information available varies between projects.

CoinGecko Markets #

The ‘Markets’ tab allows you to sort your view by the ‘Large Movers’ (the coins with the highest pump and hardest dump) as well as by ‘Highest Volume’ or ‘Recently Added’. Moreover, you can view the most popular DeFi tokens, the most popular stablecoins, or the highest-yielding farming pools. Under the ‘Discover’ section, you can also view trending searches, most voted coins, most visited cryptocurrencies, and positive sentiment rankings. 

Derivatives Market #

‘Markets’ is divided into two halves, one of which is dedicated to crypto derivatives. The categories further include ‘Perpetuals’, ‘Futures’, ‘Leveraged EFTs’, and ‘Exchanges’. You will find links to exchanges offering a variety of different token pairs for derivatives trading here. Also displayed are asset price, index price, 24-hour trading volume, and spread. 

CoinGecko News #

In the CoinGecko News section, not only can you keep up-to-date on crypto prices, but also on the latest news in the crypto community! CoinGecko aggregates the top blockchain and cryptocurrency publications’ blog posts. CoinTelegraph, CoinDesk, Blockchain News, Crypto Potato, AMBCrypto, and others. 

Coingecko Gecko logo

CoinGecko Beam #

The ‘News’ section highlights updates published by projects, teams, and developers. There is a Beam Updates section on each token page (under ‘Overview’), but not all projects choose to use it. Larger, more active projects will share updates via CoinGecko Beam. To distribute and share the beam updates, CoinGecko has partnered with other platforms.

CoinGecko Podcast #

The CoinGecko podcast is hosted by co-founders Bobby Ong and TM Lee. The CoinGecko Podcast provides industry insight and blockchain updates through interviews with successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

Coingecko podcast

By visiting the CoinGecko Podcast section under ‘News’, you can access all historical podcasts for free.

CoinGecko Learn #

CoinGecko’s ‘How to DeFi’ book is a great resource to learn everything you need to know about trading safely with decentralized finance (DeFi). CoinGecko has released a complete ebook that teaches the basics of DeFi in four sections over 15 chapters. Follow the ‘Learn’ tab on CoinGecko to download a copy. 

how to defi

CoinGecko Buzz #

Find project reports, how-to blog posts, lists, and guides on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on CoinGecko Buzz. CoinGecko Buzz posts every couple of days. In response to questions raised by the community, topics are selected to educate new users on subjects that interest them. 

CoinGecko Glossary  #

A to Z of crypto-related terms is covered in the CoinGecko Glossary. Among them are crypto colloquialisms such as ‘when moon’, ‘REKT’, and ‘hodl’, as well as technical terms and abbreviations used in the financial sector.

Coingecko glossary

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CoinGecko Tools #

Under the CoinGecko ‘Tools’ tab, CoinGecko provides various mechanisms to help you keep track of your portfolio and calculate wealth gains. Find the best crypto prices here for staking, stacking sats, and more!

CoinGecko Earn #

By putting your coins to work on various staking platforms, you can calculate how much you can earn. You can earn interest on any token you choose. Choose how much you want to stake. Find out how much you could earn by choosing from the drop-down menu the different platforms! CoinGecko Earn helps you determine where to stake your crypto over the next month, year, five year, or ten year period. 

Stack Sats #

You can use CoinGecko’s Stack Sats calculator to work out how much Bitcoin you might accumulate over time, just like the Earn function. Based on the amount of funds chosen and the amount of time set aside, it’s calculated. Further, the user estimates Bitcoin’s price for that period; then it will produce an estimate of how much Bitcoin one could accumulate. In addition, this page provides a link to an article encouraging readers to cut down on unnecessary spending. Therefore, the sats-stacking game is maximized.

Stack sats

CoinGecko Compare   #

Comparing cryptocurrencies hosted on CoinGecko with all the information available is easy with this tab. You can enter a ticker in the search bar and select the tokens you’d like to compare. The token supply and hashing algorithms of the different tokens can be viewed and compared. You can also see how many trading pairs a project has and what exchanges are available to purchase a given token. 

Bitcoin Halving Countdown #

Countdown for the next Bitcoin halving is available on CoinGecko in a dedicated section. At the time of writing, the countdown clock displays ‘1188 days 23 hours 59 minutes’, with the event expected to occur on May 6th, 2024, at 18:42. When Bitcoin rewards are cut in half every 210,000 blocks (or every 4 years or so), the Bitcoin halving event occurs. By using CoinGecko, you can see how many blocks are left until Bitcoin’s halving event occurs as well as its current block number. The following is a short description of what the Bitcoin Halving event is and why it is so important. 

Bitcoin logo

CoinGecko Candies #

You’ll be able to get free candies every day when you log onto CoinGecko! Your candy supply increases as you log in for more consecutive days. You receive 10 candies on day one, 20 candies on day two, and so on. The reward jumps from 10 candies to 100 candies on day seven, then the process is repeated from 10 candies again on day eight. 

CoinGecko candies

What is the point of collecting CoinGecko candies? The fact that CoinGecko offers free giveaways and discounts on crypto-related products is what keeps CoinGecko users coming back for more. With the candies, CoinGecko often releases limited edition prizes. This includes limited edition non-fungible tokens (NFTs), starter kits for token launches, hardware wallet discounts, and crypto subscriptions. 

CoinGecko Swag Store  #

Furthermore, users can choose to spend their candies on the ultimate CoinGecko Swag Pack, which includes 6000 candies. The CoinGecko Swag Store offers a $10 discount for users who spend 800 candies! In addition to notebooks, t-shirts, lanyards, and limited edition masks, the store offers a wide selection of merchandise! The DeFi How To Book is also available online.

Coingecko swag

Why use CoinGecko? #

On CoinGecko, you can see live crypto prices organized and categorized according to your preferences. With CoinGecko’s ‘Tools’ tab and ‘Portfolio Management’ options, you can also organize and manage your portfolio quickly and easily. 

Gecko farmer

Additionally, you can use CoinGecko to explore different markets and exchanges. With CoinGecko, you can view liquidity levels, slippage, price differentials, and arbitrage opportunities across multiple crypto assets in one convenient place. The trust score of exchanges is also a fantastic way to steer new crypto users clear of dodgy exchanges that may steal their funds. Moreover, a low liquidity environment can lead to major price drops. For new users, this is a common mistake. 

By collecting candies, CoinGecko is also a fun way to earn some free goodies. CoinGecko also offers plenty of resources, such as APIs, newsletters, and reports on crypto project updates. The CoinGecko website updates can also be kept up to date using this service.

CoinGecko Summary #

CoinGecko provides comprehensive information about crypto prices, updates, and educational materials. To help filter the thousands of coins on the market, the cryptocurrency aggregator site can be sorted into many categories. Furthermore, CoinGecko is one of the most trusted and reliable sites for providing exchange links as well as accurate token addresses. A trust score from the exchange also includes ratings for liquidity, cybersecurity, incidents that may affect user security, and the team’s publicity. New crypto users can avoid being scammed or receiving illegitimate information by combining these factors. 

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