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The power of Play to Earn games and gaming guilds.

It is well known that the global gaming market is valued at close to 170 billion USD, and that it will reach a value of 300 billion by 2026. This is a rapidly growing market. The gaming industry is changing as a new niche is being built to dominate emerging markets. This is crypto gaming. 

Play to Earn #

Understanding play to earn is essential for learning about gaming guilds. Play to Earn is one of the most exciting developments in the gaming industry right now. All players who add value to a gaming environment receive financial benefits from an open economy. Below is a simple example:

You probably know about World of Warcraft. The game requires you to achieve quests, defeat monsters, grind for materials, etc., before earning gold and unique items. A gold or in-game item has no real-world value. Gold cannot be bought or sold in USD. Additionally, you cannot buy a level 60 pet or a legendary sword that will instantly make your character powerful and play with it right away. Neither gold nor in-game items are monetized.

Gold and these items are really valuable inside the game! World of Warcraft players spend hours a day collecting gold to purchase the mount they have always wanted. Items and gold are both valuable over time. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could convert the gold we earn in-game into real money? Could we buy this gold with real money? Buying items in World of Warcraft is one thing, but owning them or even owning a plot of land is another. A new dynamic would be created. Well, that’s the whole point of play to earn! Congratulations! This is an incredible achievement.

Opportunity of a lifetime #

For many people, earning an income through gaming is a dream come true. If you have difficulty buying food and taking care of your family, this could be a life-changing opportunity for you. There are now thousands of people playing these games to make a living, ranging from 18 to 80 years old. Since rich countries pay for and invest in these games, the money flows to the poor and underprivileged. In a long story, funds are being transferred between different players.

You can make a nice monthly income by playing games to earn money! For people living in poverty, $100 a month can change a life. But this isn’t the future. It’s happening right now.

Axie infinity gameplay
Axie Infinity: The most popular play-to-earn game right now.

Gaming Guilds #

Consider a company that specializes in earning money by playing games. By investing in certain games, they enable hundreds or even thousands of players to play and make money from these gaming assets. Gamers, managers, and the guild treasury share the profits, allowing them to invest more.

Companies like Merit Circle, AAG ventures, Yield Game Guild, and Blackpool create economic freedom for loads of players through play to earn. There has never been a company like this. They are poised for massive growth. Over 105 million USD was raised by Merit Circle in a recent token sale. My view on gaming guilds appears to be shared by the market. As they operate in one of the biggest and fastest-growing markets in existence and efficiently solve a huge problem, these companies have the potential to be worth billions of dollars in the near future. Several innovations could solve current issues.

Guild Statistics: #

  • Yield Guild Games: 4600+ scholars
  • Merit Circle: 1550+ scholars
  • AAG Ventures: 1500+ scholars
  • Blackpool: 600+ scholars
  • Good Games Guild: unknown

More in-depth #

The games guild environment is currently being innovated and offers a variety of services. Although Yield Games Guild has the first-mover advantage, other companies have adopted some significant business cases and are closing the gap.

Almost all guilds own NFTs and lease them to players, generating a fixed income. In this scenario, players can earn money by using NFTs in-game. There are some companies that offer rent-to-earn programs and stake-to-earn programs. While guilds like YGG are more concerned with investments and returns, guilds like Merit Circle and AAG Ventures are more concerned with changing people’s lives by creating economic freedom for them. Tech companies and gaming companies both exist. Those guilds with a solid technological foundation/structure will soon be in the lead. There will be some exciting products that will benefit the underprivileged!

Vulcan Verse MMORPG
Vulcan Forged is already backed by Merit Circle and YGG. Could it be the next Axie Infinity?

Conclusión #

Will Gaming Guilds become the new thing? Currently, millions of people lack access to a bank account or credit card. They make very little money. The lack of education makes it difficult for them to establish a stable existence. 

Guilds have the power to change this. Millions of people could be affected by these companies if they grow into giant companies. In the future, hundreds of metaverse-based economies will be used to develop play-to-earn games. The rich and poor will be able to play together. There will be a transfer of wealth as I described earlier. The guilds will become businesses offering a wide range of products to enrich the lives of these people. Among the products they intend to offer are yield programs for asset owners, bank accounts and debit cards for scholars, as well as microcredits. Their potential is immense.


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