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Introduction to Planet IX

Introduction to planet ix

If we’re not counting malicious projects, most crypto projects focus on creating well-working platforms/games for their users to utilize and to maximize profits in the process. However, Planet IX takes this an extra step further by letting its players help to create a better Earth, both in-game and in real life.

Game Mechanics #

Launched in Q4 of 2021 on the Polygon network, Planet IX is a game that focuses on rebuilding and restoring planet Earth. Its players (Agents of Change or AOCs for short) can acquire pieces of land, called PIX, that are located all over Earth. The virtual planet consists out of 1,6 billion hexagons of virtual lands which are called PIX.

There are 5 different classes of PIX, which are roughly comparable to the different climates and locations in real life. For example, Legendary PIX are capital city centers, rare PIX are capital cities, uncommon PIX are natural reserves, common PIX are Suburbans and outlier PIX are Artic or Dessert locations.

PIX varieties

The player’s objective is to collect as many PIX as possible adjacent to each other. Once the player has a certain amount of PIX, he can claim a territory. Based on the territory type, which is based on the amount of adjacent PIX, the player will start to earn rewards. Players can also work together to share territories and rewards.

Territories Planet IX

Another collectible for players to acquire are landmarks. Each landmarks represents a real-life monument and can be shared with a variety of players. For example, the statue of liberty can have 7 owners, and each of the owners will earn rewards.

Both PIX and landmarks can only be acquired by purchasing packs, completing in-game challenges or by participating in raffles. Once a player has such an NFT, he can use the marketplace to trade it.

As mentioned in the introduction section, Planet IX’s focus is on improving our (real-life) world. They plan to do this by:

  • Game Seasons – Each season will be focusing on a specific sustainability improvement. Per season, PlanetIX will partner with a variety of projects, initiatives and NGOs to make a difference in the world.
  • Specific NFT collections – Planet IX plans to launch a variety of NFT collections that are inline with their seasonal focus. 100% of the funds raised from these NFTs are donated to relevant charities and foundations.
  • Creating a dedicated foundation – To take steps even further, Planet IX is launching their own foundation called “The Planet Nine Foundation”. A substantial portion of all the revenue from Planet IX will be directed in this foundation.

Tokenomics #

Planet IX’s economy only works with one utility token, which is the IX token. It has a max supply of 153.258.226 tokens and is used for purchasing NFTs on the marketplace, packs and rewarding Agents of Change for playing the game.

token IX allocation

The full token allocation can be viewed aquí.

Roadmap #

As of writing, Planet IX is still in its infancy. However, it has published a clear roadmap for 2022. Its goals are not only ambitious, but also realistic. Some of the key goals are:

  • PIX staking and lending
  • Quests and Challenges
  • Planet IX DOA
  • Territory DOAs
  • PIX Yield Farming
  • NPC and avatars
  • NFT crafting
  • SDK interface
  • Card game (such as Splinterlands and Axie Infinity)
Full Roadmap Planet IX

Conclusión #

Planet IX is focusing on a niche in the blockchain gaming sector. By prioritizing and addressing todays environmental challenges and combining this with a (soon-to-be) solid game, it will attract a whole new stream of players.


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