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Introduction to Office Land

Introduction to Office Land

Have you ever thought about running an NFT-based business? If so, you are in good luck – The WAX based blockchain game Office Land lets its players do exactly that.

Game Mechanics #

Launched in Q4 of 2021, Office Land is a game about building and running an online (NFT) business. Players that just started with the game will receive a standard office with 5 staff slots. It’s up to the player to get (purchase/mint) his staff members and assign them to the office.

The staff characters come in 5 different rarities: Intern, Junior, Senior, Leader and Manager. Based on their rarity, they are able to perform certain tasks that reward the player with OCOIN. Rarities also play an important role in the payout and success rate of the task. For example, an intern earns less than a leader per task.

Tasks Office Land

The lower the rarity of your staff, the higher the chances are that they fail their assigned task. Whenever a staff member fails to complete his task successfully, he will only earn 20% of the task’s reward. Whenever a task is finished, OCOIN can be claimed. Keep in mind that a fee will be deducted from the reward: The initial fee rate is 50% and will decrease with 10% per day. This means that after 5 days players can claim their OCOIN for free. Whenever a task in finished, staff members can directly continue to work on another task.

Success Rate Office Land

There are multiple ways to increase an individual’s success rate:

  • Extra slots – Every two slots that are unlocked in addition to the initial 5 free slots will increase the success rate with 1% per character.
  • Sleep – Whenever a staff member has performed multiple tasks, its success rate will drop. To restore the success rate to its initial level, the staff member needs to sleep.
  • Coffee – Players can buy different types of coffee for their staff members to increase the productivity. Based on the type of coffee, staff members will have an improved success rate and time consumption. For example, a regular coffee will increase the success rate with 5-10%.
  • Hats – These NFTs will improve the look of your staff and based on their rarity, increase their productivity.

Once players earned OCOINS, they can deposit (stake) their tokens in one of the in-game banks to earn interest. Each bank has different interest rates and lock days.

The Bank Office Land

Tokenomics #

There’s a maximum supply of 10,000,000,000 OCOINS, which are distributed according to the Pie-chart below:

Pie Chart OCOIN allocation

The team holds around 25% of the maximum token supply (Team + Marketing).

Roadmap #

The Office Land’s Roadmap can be separated in two sections. The first section is short term, Q1 of 2022, while the second section focuses on the remaining quarters of 2022. As of writing, there are a couple of interesting features in development:

  • Hospital system – This helps to increase the success rate of staff members.
  • Shredding machine – This feature enables more utility for the OCOIN.
  • Furniture – This feature enables more utility for the OCOIN and helps to increase the success rate of staff members.
  • Workspace renting system – This is basically the equivalent of “NFT Land” from other blockchain games.
  • Mobile App – Having a playable game on a mobile device drastically improves the playability of the game.
Roadmap Q1 2022
Roadmap Q2-Q4 2022

Conclusión #

The Office Land is a modest but interesting blockchain-game for players that want to start their own NFT business while being able to rent, earn and upgrade their offices, OCOINS and NFTs.


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