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Introduction To MOBOX

Introduction To MOBOX

MOBOX is a free-to-play GameFi ecosystem on the Binance Smart Chain and since launch it has introduced many innovative concepts that give investors and players a glimpse into the future of the play-to-earn genre. Instead of focusing on one game or one product, MOBOX created a platform on which the community can decide where the project goes next.

What Is MOBOX? #

At first glance it may seem a bit complex but MOBOX is a very well thought out GameFi platform that gives more power to the users and community members. The platform currently includes yield farming, an NFT marketplace, NFT staking and three play-to-earn games that utilize MOBOX assets. The native token MBOX is at the heart of everything and is the main currency in MOBOX.

Together all of these assets create what is called the MOMOverse, a place where NFT holders and liquidity providers can earn passive income by participating in one way or another.

MOBOX main page

To understand how all of these features work here is a quick breakdown of the most important features:


NFTs in MOBOX can be earned in many different ways or bought on the NFT marketplace. They represent characters that have different utilities based on the games you use them in. As already mentioned, MOBOX has no limitations on the use cases for NFTs because they are interoperable with every game built on top of the MOBOX metaverse.

MOBOX Games #

There are currently three playable MOBOX games – Block Brawl, Token Master and ChainZAren.

Block Brawl is an idle game with RPG elements allowing MOMO NFT characters to evolve their skills and talents through skill trees, challenges, gathering equipment and a lot more. The game offers both PVP and PVE modes.

Block brawl mobox

Token Master is labeled as a turn-based idle game where players choose three MOMOs and fight others to climb the leaderboards. Each season lasts one week and the best players receive MBOX rewards.

Token master mobox game

ChainZArena is a new take on turn based RPG games. It is a cross-chain and cross-platform idle game that offers many different game modes. Players can unlock characters and level them up with the currencies they collect along the way.

Chainz arena mobox game


On top of the gaming experience MOBOX also offers yield farming and NFT staking for both investors and players. MOMO owners can stake their NFTs on the main farming page to receive mystery boxes.

Mobox defi

Providing liquidity to the MOBOX/BNB pool on Pancakeswap will also yield returns in the form of MOBOX tokens. More information about NFT staking and farming can be found aquí. Below is a simplified overview of the whole process.

Mobox ecosystem

The MOBOX Token #

MBOX is the governance token of the MOBOX platform and gives token holders the ability to vote on proposals. The governance DAO is still in the works but once launched holders will have a chance to stake tokens for a selected period of time and receive the veMOBOX tokens which grant voting rights.

MBOX is a BEP20 token with a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000

Roadmap #

The complete 2022 roadmap is outlined in the documentation with the main emphasis being on community driven content. Once introduced, these new features will allow independent creators to build their own games and provide new utility to MOMO NFTs. These games will be put up for voting and if the community gives them the green lite, they will be deployed to the MOBOX metaverse.

So far the three playable games have been developed in-house by the MOBOX team and optimized for mobile gaming but desktop versions are also available. With the introduction of third-party developers and creators the ecosystem is expected to grow much faster.

Conclusión #

With everything taken into consideration, MOBOX is a very ambitious project that aims to change the perception of GameFi completely. While many other projects heavily focus on one single game the MOBOX team is trying to enable independent creators to build the MOBOX universe as they see fit.

It is also worth mentioning that some of the biggest features like DAO governance and land ownership are yet to be introduced and once everything falls into place the creativity of the community will be the only limit for new MOBOX games and features.

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