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Introduction to Binance Dual Investment

Binance’s latest subscription model, called Binance Dual Invest, offers users two products (Buy Low & Sell High), making it possible for everyone to stand a chance of profits within the crypto industry. Whether you are a HODLer or an advanced trader, with the help of Binance you will get there.

What is Binance Dual Investment? #

The fundamentals of crypto trading are clear: buying low and selling high results in big profits. Conversely, you sign for deep red numbers, but how can you get better at trading? Binance has come up with something for this: Binance Dual Investment. This tool ensures that you can buy low crypto coins, and then sell them again at their peak. In addition, you receive extra returns through this way of trading.

How does Binance Dual Investment work? #

Binance Dual Investment is a way to help (beginning) investors to buy and sell their cryptocurrencies at attractive prices. It is a subscription form, with which you earn a high return in the months that you pay. It makes little difference whether the prices are green or red.

The key of the tool is to offer you an alternative to spot trading with limit orders on the Binance platform. As a user, you can choose from two different products: Buy Low and Sell High. Obviously, Buy Low offers you the chance to buy your favorite coins low and Sell High to sell your cryptocurrencies at higher prices.

There are several strategies that can apply to these products. Here are the trading strategies that Binance itself recommends for use in conjunction with Dual Investment:

  • Taking profits – Actually take all the profit you can take
  • Buying the dips – When the price dips take your chance to buy cheap
  • Growing your stablecoin stash – Grow your stablecoin portfolio
  • Growing your HODLed crypto – Expanding your HODL portfolio
  • Compound earning short term – Earning Compound in the Short Term in a Volatile Market
  • Double-sided positions – Double-sided positions, so one crypto and one stablecoin.

You can find a complete explanation of the strategies on the Binance Academy.

Buy Low or Sell High with Dual Investment #

Now that you know what strategies are out there, I’ll give you some reasons to use Binance’s products. For starters, Buy Low. If you want to use this product, you focus on growing your stablecoins through interest income. You also use these stablecoins to buy your cryptocurrencies at the desired price and date, increasing your wealth.

If you do not want to use your stablecoins, but instead focus on crypto coins, Sell High is the product for you. Sell ​​your existing coins at a future date at your desired price, accumulating more cryptocurrencies thanks to interest payments.

Mode for beginners #

A special ‘Beginner Mode’ has been developed for beginners. In one click it is arranged, and you benefit from a step-by-step explanation. It guides you through the application process and once you get the hang of it, just slide the button to the other side and you’re ready for the real thing.

Advantages of Binance Dual #

  • High returns, allowing you to build up passive income;
  • Wide choice of coins, data and target prices;
  • Two products, so the choice of buying low or selling high;
  • No fees, if you achieve your goals and execute the orders, you have no transaction costs.

Disadvantages Dual Investment #

  • Your assets are stuck, so you can’t withdraw or cancel the order;
  • If the price development moves further away from your goals, you will miss your chance to cash in your order;
  • All investments involve risks, so always do your own research.
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