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Introducing Legends of Venari

Legends of Venari is an NFT based creature collection RPG on the Ethereum network. Venari can be captured on the planet Caerras by players.  To onboard new players, the game uses an organic growth approach based on Alpha and Base passes.

Venari must be lured with bait and then caught and collected. Players will use this bait in-game to attract Venari, after which they can catch them using “rigs” to get gold and experience. With the received gold and experience, players will be able to make better bait and rigs.

Legends of Venari is being developed by an international team based out of Delaware. It is built by a team of passionate gamers, developers, artists, designers, and creators. 

The game revolves around capturing and collecting Venari. The core game loop emphasizes using bait to attract Venari, catching Venari with rigs, and gaining gold and experience in order to get better rigs and bait to attract and catch unique Venari.

Capturing Venari #

Venari dashboard

Venari can be attracted to Tecta, which is a base camp, by placing a bait. Venari start to appear in one of six squares after the bait is placed, as shown in the screenshot below. Once Venari has spawned, a cooldown will appear. With one bait, up to six Venari can spawn.

Prior to the cooldown expiring, you may select a Venari to try and catch it. After selecting a bush, the Venari remains hidden until the expedition screen appears.

Exploration setup

Next to bait, rigs are needed to catch Venari. In order to capture Venari, the right Rig must be chosen. Based on the Venari and Rig stats, the capture rate is calculated. The player starts in Tecta with the Odus Rig, which is a very basic rig.

In-Game Shop and Crafting #

The in-game shop is implemented to purchase tech to capture new venari. If you have enough currency, you can get just what you need.

In the game, the material you come by will be able to be crafted into new material. Not too much is known about what the utility of these crafted materials will be used for, but the thought ensures for unique strategy and tactics for handling venari.

What makes a Venari Unique? #

Venari has been designed to have the following characteristics that make them collectable, valuable, and have a demand and value over time. Alpha will feature these characteristics.


Like Pokémon, Venari are randomly generated with unique characteristics for each user who catches one.

Badges, Elements & Star Constellations #

There are serveral badges to be obtained in Legends of Venari:

  • Genesis: A badge indicating that the Venari was caught during the Alpha season.
  • Event: A badge indicating that the Venari was caught during a limited-time event.
  • Serialized: A badge (with a specified number) indicating that this was one of the first 100 Venari to be ever caught.
Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Nature, Ice

Venari’s appearance is defined by a number of elements. Each Venari possesses six different elements, including Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Nature, and Ice. There will be 19 Venari variants on launch in the Alpha season. As a result, there are 114 Venari available for catching on launch.


Finally, there is a constellation associated with each venari. Different constellations have different rarities. Venari’s base stats will be defined by constellations in a future update.

How Legends of Venari Compares to other DeFi Games #

In the blockchain gaming space, two major categories of games have emerged recently.

The first category is games that are really just DeFi products dressed up as games. There is an emphasis on tokenomics and models that promise users outlandish amounts of return on investment.

The second type of game is those that are focused on building their game first and then adding tokens without considering how this will affect their ecosystem and gameplay.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches. When economies crash, without focus on the game, its known quite often. Our aim is to build on the intersection of these approaches, focusing not on the value of tokens, but on the value of Venari. Making blockchain gaming more interesting and exclusive for our users and pushing the limits of what’s possible.

Conclusión #

Legend of Venari is a unique game that will certainly shake up the play-to-earn gaming niche. Because of its active community and driven developers team, we expect big things from this project in the near future.

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