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How to Stake $RAIN Tokens

RainMaker is the free global platform to play hundreds of P2E games — connecting gamers, games, and guilds worldwide. Players of all levels can sign up and play for free on the platform. Players will be able to seamlessly switch between games, manage earnings, watch game reviews, train, and chat with Rainmakers around the world. As a player improves, they can unlock access to scouting from top guilds around the world and level up to better NFTs. P2E gaming portal enabling financial freedom for all and bringing the industry together like never before.

Now that you know what RainMaker is all about, let’s focus on how to stake RAIN tokens and earn rewards. As of writing, there are two ways you can stake your RAIN tokens:

  • Single-side staking — users deposit RAIN directly into the pool and earn staking rewards. The staking reserve will allocate 20% of the daily rewards to this pool.
  • LP staking — users deposit their RAIN-ETH Uniswap LP tokens after adding liquidity to Uniswap. The staking reserve yields 80% of the daily rewards to this pool.

Reward Calculation #

The markets set the stake rate in both staking pools using a variable market rate staking methodology. The staking reserve emits a fixed amount of RAIN each day, which is split 80/20 between the two pools.

Tokens previously allocated to the Copper Launch are used to fund the staking reserve. At present, 25,000,000 RAIN are in the reserve. When tokens begin to vest and unlock from the Community Incentives reserve, RAIN may be added to the pool.

Stakeholders who lock their tokens for a period of time receive a linear bonus multiplier. If the lock is longer, the bonus multiplier is higher. Staked tokens cannot be unlocked once locked.

Below are examples of how the bonus multiplier affects rewards:

  • No bonus — staker does not want to lock their tokens
  • 1.25x bonus — staker locks their tokens for a period if 13 weeks
  • 1.5x bonus — staker locks their tokens for a period of 26 weeks
  • 1.75x bonus — staker locks their tokens for a period of 37 weeks
  • 2x bonus — staker locks their tokens for a period of 52 weeks

The bonus reward calculation is based on the below formula:

Rain staking

How to Stake RAIN #

Step 1 — Go to the staking portal #

Entering the stake portal is the first step. This can be done by going to https://staking.rmg.io/ where you will be greeted with a quick overview of the stake-portal can be found on the ‘Overview’ page.

Step 2 — Connect your wallet #

connect wallet

Connecting your wallet is the next step. If you click the ‘Connect wallet’ button in the top right corner, the screen in the image below will appear.

Currently, we support Metamask and are planning to support other wallets in the future.

select wallet

Step 3 — Decide which pool to stake in #

Now that you’ve connected your wallet, you’re ready to stake. Select the staking pool of your choice. The stake screen will appear when you click on the large stake button in the main overview. It displays all staking pools.

It is extremely important to understand how to provide liquidity on Uniswap V2 – Please scroll down for a small tutorial on how to provide liquidity – since 80% of the entire staking rewards will go to those providing liquidity.

Staking on Uniswap V2 requires liquidity. Liquidity providers on Uniswap V3 will not be rewarded.

When providing liquidity, make sure you use Uniswap V2 via this link

Pools and deposits

Consider learning more about each pool before staking your tokens. The following overview can be seen by pressing the ‘Details’ button in white:

Confirm staking

Press ‘Stake’ to head to the next screen.

Step 4 — Pick your settings #

Your settings can now be customized to suit your needs. You can choose either flexible stakes or locked stakes. Your rewards can increase over time if your lock lasts for a long time.

Flexible or locked staking

Step 5 — Approve #

Press ‘Approve’ when you have selected your preferred settings.

Approve staking

Then a MetaMask prompt will appear and you must confirm the transaction. Before confirming the transaction, please review the transaction and the gas fees.

Accept metamask staking

Once you have confirmed your transaction, please wait patiently as the Ethereum blockchain must confirm the transaction at the other end.

Step 6 — Staking #

To stake your RAIN tokens, you will need to approve the second transaction after you have approved the first contract to spend your tokens. The word ‘Stake’ replaces ‘Approve’.

confirm staking once again

Upon pressing stake, MetaMask will prompt you to confirm the transaction. You should review the transaction and gas fees before confirming it.

You will see a notification that says ‘Transaction confirmed’ once the transaction has been confirmed.

Congratulations! It’s that simple. Your tokens are now officially staked on the Ethereum blockchain, and you can start collecting rewards immediately!

Providing liquidity on Uniswap V2 #

Step 1 — Uniswap overview page #

You should first visit the appropriate Uniswap pool. This can be done using the following link: https://app.uniswap.org/#/add/v2/ETH/0x71fc1f555a39e0b698653ab0b475488ec3c34d57

In the image below, click the ‘Provide liquidity’ button.

Step 2 — Enter the amounts #

For this pool, you need 50 percent RAIN tokens and 50 percent Ethereum to provide liquidity. At this point, you need to decide how many RAIN tokens you want to use to provide liquidity, and how much ETH you will need on the other hand. Below is an example.

Uniswap approve rain

Step 3 — Approve #

The next step is to approve the transaction by pressing the ‘Approve RAIN’ button.

Once you click Approve, a MetaMask prompt will appear, and you will be required to confirm the transaction. Review the transaction and the gas fees before you confirm.

Step 4 — Supply #

Once your transaction is confirmed, you should press Supply,

add liquidity

You see another screen after pressing supply to confirm your transaction.

confirm supply

You’ll need to confirm the transaction once you click Supply on the MetaMask prompt. Please review & Check your transaction and the gas fee before you confirm.

Awesome! It’s as simple as that! As a result, you are now providing liquidity that can be used on the Rainmaker Games staking portal.

How to claim your RAIN rewards #

Rewards rain

As with staking, you can claim your rewards. Go to the ‘Rewards’ tab and look for the pool with a positive balance in the ‘Claimable rewards’ column.

You must confirm the transaction by pressing ‘Claim’, which brings up a MetaMask prompt. Before you confirm, ensure you have reviewed the details and gas fees.

confirm claiming

Please be aware that rewards are subject to a 12-month lock.


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