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How to get started with Axie Infinity

Axie infinity how to get started

Axie Infinity is an extremely popular NFT game that uses a lot of Pokemon’s game mechanics. However, getting started isn’t that easy… Luckily, the Rugdoc team is here to help you! In this guide, we will show you what steps you need to take in order to buy your first Axies.

Getting started #

Before doing anything else, you first need to download a web3 wallet, such as MetaMask, and the official Ronin sidechain wallet: The Ronin wallet. The MetaMask wallet is needed in order to receive ETH from the exchange and for bridging the ETH to the Ronin wallet.

In this example we use web3 wallet MetaMask. You can download the MetaMask plug-in by following these steps:

Step 1. Visit MetaMask
Go to the official MetaMask website in your browser (MetaMask)

metamask homepage

Step 2. Choose the right plug-in for your browser
Press “Get Chrome extension”, “Chrome Firefox Opera” or “Get Brave Browser”. This of course depends on the browser you want to use at that time.

Step 3. Download the plug-in
You will now be taken to a page where you can add the extension. With Chrome, for example, there is a button with: + ADD. TO CHROME. Click on the button. A popup appears to confirm this.

metamask choose browser

Step 4. Click the MetaMask logo in your browser
You will now see a MetaMask logo at the top right of the browser. Click this logo to set up MetaMask:
1. Accept the terms and conditions
2. Create and confirm a new password. Please remember this password.
3. You will now see 12 words. With these words you can always recover your wallet — in combination with the password. Write these words down and keep them safe. Preferably offline — just on paper.

Congratulations! You have now installed and configured the MetaMask web3 wallet. Now we need to get the Ronin wallet.

Step 1. Download the Ronin wallet
Go to the Ronin wallet extension page on the Chrome webstore: Ronin Wallet.
Click add to Chrome.

Step 2. Setting up the Ronin wallet
Open the Ronin plug-in by clicking on the Ronin logo in your browser. A window opens showing a blue button that says “Get Started”. Click on the button.

ronin wallet registration

A new page opens that will guide you through setting up your wallet. You need to create a password, write down the seed phrase and confirm the seed phrase.

registration for ronin wallet

Great! You now have your own Ronin wallet!

Creating an Axie Inifity Account #

Now that you have created your very own MetaMask and Ronin wallets, we need to create an Axie Inifity account.

Step 1. Creating an account
Go to the website https://marketplace.axieinfinity.com/. This is the official Axie Inifity marketplace where you can buy and sell your Axies for ETH. Keep in mind that in order to start playing Axie Infinity, you need to buy three Axies via the marketplace.

Axie marketplace

Click in the right top corner on “Login”.

Step 2. Connect your MetaMask wallet
You’ll now see the option to Log-in your Ronin wallet. Choose this option. You will now be prompted by Ronin to connect your account to Axie Infinity. Click confirm.

prompt to connect ronin wallet

Step 3. Select a username
Axie Infinity will now ask you to create a username. Choose a cool one!

choose username axie

Step 4. Setting up your email and password
Click on the “Set up email and password” button in the middle of the dashboard and fill in the details. You will receive a verification code via your email. Copy this code and paste it in to the text box and click confirm.

Set up email and password for axie infinity

You have successfully set up your account for Axie Infinity! That wasn’t that hard, now was it?

Sending your ETH to your MetaMask wallet #

In order to acquire your first 3 Axies, you need to get some ETH on your Ronin wallet. In this guide we’ll show you how to acquire ETH via Binance.com.

Step 1. Search for the correct ETH/FIAT pair
After logging into your Binance.com account, go to Markets. Then click on Spot Markets and search for the ETH/FIAT pair that corresponds to the FIAT currency of your country [image].

Step 2. Buy ETH
After you have chosen the correct ETH/FIAT pair, enter the amount of ETH on the right side of the screen. You can choose whether you want to enter a limit order (buy x ETH at a certain price) or a market order (buy ETH directly at the current token price).

spot market buy eth binance

You have now purchased ETH through Binance.com. The next step is to send the ETH to your MetaMask wallet.
Step 3. Go To Your Binance.com Wallet
In your Binance.com account, click “Wallet” and “Fiat and Spot”.

Step 4. Select Your ETH For Withdrawal
Once in your wallet, click “Withdraw” and select ETH.

withdraw eth from binance

Step 5. Fill In Your MetaMask Address
Enter your MetaMask address below “New Address”.

Copy your MetaMask address from your MetaMask wallet by clicking on your wallet address.

Step 6. Select Withdrawal Network
After you have entered your MetaMask address, choose the withdrawal network. Because we’re using ETH, choose ERC-20. For your information, BEP-2 is for Binance Chain network tokens and BEP-20 is for Binance Smart Chain network tokens.

confirm eth withdrawal from binance

Step 7. Confirm Your Transaction
Fill in the amount of ETH you want to send and click “Withdraw”. Binance.com will now ask you to confirm your transaction by prompting to fill in some security fields. Make sure you add plenty of ETH: Gas fees are expensive on the Ethereum mainnet.

Step 8. Check Your MetaMask Wallet
Finally, check whether your ETH has arrived in your MetaMask wallet. This can take a few minutes, so be patient.

Great! You’ve successfully sent your ETH from your Binance.com wallet to your MetaMask wallet.

Bridging your ETH from MetaMask to Ronin #

To bridge your ETH from the Ethereum main chain (via your MetaMask wallet) to the Ronin sidechain (Your Ronin wallet), you need to use the Ronin bridge: Ronin Bridge.

Step 1. Connect your MetaMask wallet
Once the main page of the Ronin bridge tool, click “Deposit”. The Ronin bridge page will now ask you to connect your MetaMask wallet. Click confirm.

Ronin bridge page

Step 2. Copy your Ronin wallet address
Copy your wallet ETH address from your Ronin wallet (by opening the plug-in and copying the ETH address) and paste it in the “Ronin address” line.

copy wallet address from ronin wallet

Step 3. Bridge ETH
Click “Asset” and choose ETH. Then, fill in the amount of ETH you would like to bridge. Proceed by clicking “next” and confirm.

Confirm bridging of eth to ronin

Congratulations, we have finally done it! You can now go to the Axies martkerplace and buy some of those little bastards. Goodluck!

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