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8 Crypto Christmas Gift Ideas


Are you looking for the ideal crypto gift for Christmas, Sinterklaas or a birthday? Whatever the reason, there are plenty of gifts you can give to crypto enthusiasts. Yet it is difficult to come up with a nice idea yourself, especially when you are not at home in the crypto world. Fortunately, we are, and we know what to make crypto enthusiasts happy. With the ideas in this article you ensure that you always make someone happy with the gift you give.

1. Cryptocurrencies #

We want to start with the most obvious gift: cryptocurrencies. Instead of an envelope with cash, you can of course also give cryptocurrencies to someone. The recipient can decide for himself what he or she does with the crypto: store it, buy something with it or convert it to another currency (fiat or crypto). Giving cryptocurrencies as a gift is of course a lot more fun than an envelope with money.

You can give this gift in different forms. For example, it is possible to send them directly to the recipient’s wallet address. You can of course also place them on a hardware wallet, and then give the hardware wallet in combination with the cryptocurrency as a gift.

2. Hardware wallet #

You make every crypto enthusiast happy with a hardware wallet. These wallets are seen as the safest form of crypto storage. This is because the public and private keys are stored on a removable piece of hardware. Of course, you have to keep the hardware wallet and accompanying seed phrase well.

Does anyone own crypto and doesn’t have a hardware wallet yet? Then you can certainly give such a wallet as a gift. But even if someone already has a hardware wallet, you can still give one as a gift. Every crypto fanatic knows that it is important to spread your cryptocurrencies. If one wallet is lost, there will at least still be crypto on the other wallet.

3. Cryptomerch #

From crypto hoodies, sweaters and shirts to caps, mugs and key chains. You can’t think of it that crazy, or there is an article on the market. As crypto has become more and more popular in recent years, we can now buy various crypto merchandise. You can often only order these items in a webshop, which unfortunately in most cases are located outside the Netherlands. For example, you have The Crypto Merch, a webshop with a huge selection, but is located in the United States.

4. NFTs #

NFTs, short for non-fungible tokens, are a particular type of token that is unique and distinctive. You can store different types of data in NFTs, so you can use them for different situations. Consider, for example, the well-known NFT art. This is an art form where artists store their art in an NFT. In the past music has also been published in the form of an NFT (by Kings of Leon).

They are also used to store title deeds. A physical object can be tokenized, after which the owner of the token is also the owner of the linked product. So it should be clear that a lot is possible. And because there are so many possibilities with NFTs, you can always find something that fits the recipient of the NFT. For example, look for NFT art or an NFT music album. Super nice to get, because in many cases you can actually do something with NFTs. There is always something ‘unique’ linked to the NFT.

5. Crypto gift card #

With a crypto gift card you give the recipient the choice on what he or she can spend the amount on. Great if you’re not sure what to make him or her happy with. There are many different types of gift cards, all of which can be spent in a different way. For example, there are crypto exchanges such as Binance that sell gift cards. The recipient can spend the amount on the gift card in Binance’s crypto exchange.

6. Books about crypto, investing or economics #

A person can never have enough knowledge. There are many different books on crypto, NFTs, investing and economics on the market. Someone who is working with crypto, you should definitely make yourself happy with such a book. The advantage is that there are thousands of different books on these topics. So you will always find a book that someone doesn’t have yet. In addition, this is a gift that actually benefits someone. Sure, a Bitcoin keychain is nice, but the knowledge you can get from a book is of course worth much more. That is especially true for someone who is into investing and investing.

7. Subscription to a TA tool #

Before a crypto trader makes a transaction, research is done first. Then you can do a fundamental analysis or a technical analysis. In the latter case, trading tools are often used. This is software that helps the trader to better understand a cryptocurrency. For example, the software can be used to investigate the price of the cryptocurrency, to make predictions for the future based on historical price charts. Very handy, because these tools can therefore generate a lot of money.

Tools to perform a technical analysis are sometimes free, and in some cases cost money. This is usually a monthly or annual amount. The price varies per tool, but in many cases it is worth it. By using the TA tools, a trader can make much more money with crypto trading. When looking for a gift for a crypto trader, subscribing to a TA tool is a good idea.

8. Online course #

You don’t necessarily have to read books to learn. It is of course also possible to follow an online course. There are many different online courses on crypto. That may make it difficult to choose, but it also ensures that you can choose a course that suits the recipient. For example, there are courses that explain how cryptocurrencies work or how you can perform a technical analysis. Other courses cover pretty much everything related to crypto and investing.

Conclusión #

You now have enough ideas for a crypto gift during Christmas, Sinterklaas, a birthday or just because. You make every crypto fanatic happy with NFTs, cryptocurrencies or a hardware wallet. For the diehard fan there is the cryptomerch. There are several webshops where you can buy this merchandise and the range is huge. A crypto gift card also works well. This way you give the recipient the space to make their own choice. Or invest in the knowledge and buy a book, online course or subscription to a tool for someone. With the gifts in this article you are guaranteed to make someone happy.

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