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Pegaxy Marketplace: How to Buy and Sell Pega NFTs

There is a native marketplace for buying and selling on Pegaxy. This marketplace is on the same domain as the game itself, pegaxy.io.

Within the Pegaxy marketplace, there are two ways to sell:

  • Click here to purchase
    • A typical marketplace sale is the Buy Now method. When you list your NFT for the price you wish to sell it for, if someone is willing to pay the price you listed, the transaction will proceed and your NFT will be sold.
  • Auction
    • Team has introduced an auction method. Using this feature, you can simply set a reserve price for your NFT and place it up for auction. Users can place bids on your NFT once it hits the market. Upon meeting the reserve price, the Auction will continue until the timer expires. The auction will be declared void if the reserve price is not met.

Buying #

To purchase an NFT, ensure you have the requested currency (e.g. WETH or PGX on the Polygon chain) before clicking “Buy”. Afterwards, Metamask or other associated wallets will display a pop-up for you to confirm your purchase; once approved, your purchase is complete.

Every transaction on the Pegaxy marketplace is subject to a 3% seller fee. There is the same fee regardless of the currency in which you sell Pega, Food, Gear or Stadium. Pegaxy’s ecosystem will not be decentralized from day one as mentioned in the Governance Token section of the whitepaper. Here is a snippet from that section.

The fees within the ecosystem of Pegaxy for the first year*, will go towards the game studio to assist in the costs of development, large scale partnerships, recruiting senior experts and building an extremely strong foundation. This system allows the game studio to move forward and increase the speed of the games development, which also speeds up the inevitable decentralisation of the game.”

Upon activation of the community treasury, these marketplace fees will be directed to the treasury to be used for staking rewards, tournament rewards, and ecosystem development.

Looking at the studio’s financial needs for Pegaxy to reach the level of game the community desires, its a very long-term vision. Also, setting the rates to what would be an appropriate entry point for the Treasury once it is established.

Marketplace Fee & Breeding #

When listing Pega or other items on the Marketplace, players can choose to accept USDT or PGX.

  • Normal Sale: 3% of purchasing token.
  • Auction: 5% of purchasing token.

Example: You list your Pega on the marketplace for 50 PGX tokens. When the Pega sells, you will receive 50 PGX – 1.5 PGX = 48.5 PGX for your Pega sale.

Breeding in Pegaxy has a different fee structure than the one for buying and selling:

  • 100% of PGX token to studio or treasury (if treasury is initiated).
  • 100% of VIS is burnt.

Like with Axie Infinity, the breeding fees tend to change over time. Check here for the most recent breeding cost table.

Conclusion #

Pegaxy’s marketplace is similar to Axie Infinity’s marketplace, and it works just as easy. The marketplace fees are fixed, while breeding fees will change over time, due to various factors such as the price of the VIS token.

Updated on January 22, 2022
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