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Legends of Venari: Marketplace explained

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The Marketplace #

For Legends of Venari to thrive, a secondary marketplace is implemented, in which venari can be sold for either CC or ETH.

The Shop tab will take you to the shop at your current location if available does not always exist in every city. Players that have access to different locations will also have access to the player-based goods and economy within each different Marketplace.

There will also be a feature that allows players to Travel between these locations that will be available in different regions. This is a unique concept that separates the accessibility of new players and experienced players. By doing this, it allows new players to only have access to their region’s resources and move up in a gradual manner as the game is intended.

The majority of catchable Venari will be off-chain NFTs. In addition to having an ID, these NFTs can be optionally minted on the Ethereum network. While developing the marketplace, the game developers wanted to support the sales of these off-chain NFTs. They have built their own marketplace (instead of using OpenSea) for the following reasons:

  • By implementing a marketplace contract, users are allowed to sell their Venari for ETH or CC.
  • Compared to OpenSea, no transaction is needed when listing for ETH.
  • Moreover, adjusting the listing price does not require a transaction. (On Opensea, you can only adjust the price down and a transaction is required).
  • The buyer’s transaction occurs only when they purchase with ETH.
  • Each time you make a transaction with a Pass lender, the fees will be split automatically to your wallet.
  • In the $CC marketplace, there are no gas fees for buying and selling Venari.
Legends of Venari Marketplace

It is important to note that the secondary market is not available until the beta launch, which, as of writing, hasn’t been announced yet. The game is currently in its Alpha phase.

The secondary market is the best place for Players to trade their NFT Venari, as they are collectibles and will be used for further utility that will be implemented in the game.

As with many other play-2-earn games, the marketplace will be an essential piece to the in-game economy and will allow many people to generate cash flow on a weekly and even daily basis.

Conclusion #

Once Beta Launch is initiated, more Alpha and Gilded passes will be available for mint. The next step would be to bring in the secondary marketplace to allow players to trade their Venari and other in-game NFT Assets. Just like the Alpha launch, the Beta will allow a few more features but with a higher volume of players to ensure that the transition is smooth and secure.

Updated on January 22, 2022
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*Paid Advertisement. Not financial advice. RugDoc is not responsible for the projects showcased here. DYOR and ape safu.