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Crypto projects are increasingly opting for a launchpad to raise capital. This way of investing is safer for investors than the ICOs from 2017. Besides the trust, the token sale via a launchpad is useful to build a community. In addition, it occasionally happens that these communities come into contact with each other, creating a network.

Crypto projects create a token that becomes part of their platform, the same token is released through a presale, both for early investors and for investors in the public market. The more the project grows, the higher the price of a token becomes. As a result, investors earn money, but people who invested before the launch on the public market earn even more money.

A launchpad also has many advantages for developers of a project. The project becomes instantly credible without using marketing or a working product, because the launchpad provider trusts the project. This certainly has added value for investors who are familiar with the reliability of launchpads.

By giving access to a large group of people at an early stage, the investment process is democratized. Together with the reliability of a launchpad, this often results in a quick presale of the tokens.

The token sale of some projects sometimes resembles a concert of a popular artist, sometimes all tokens of a project are sold out within seconds or minutes. Many interested parties are left empty-handed, which is a sign that the market has room to grow.

Why launchpads are interesting for investors #

By investing in a company/project early, investors run a lot of risk. However, high risks also bring high rewards. Therefore, early investing in new tokens of a new project can be interesting.

September saw the release of VelasPad (VLXPAD) and ADAPad (ADAPAD), both of which were worth 100 times the presale price in one day. However, these huge price increases are not obvious, as there are also a lot of tokens that fall in value or that have smaller win percentages.

Having a lot of tokens from a launchpad will give you a certain rank. This rank will give you more lottery tickets for future projects. Due to the high demand for tokens from new projects, investors are chosen by means of a draw. By having a lot of tickets, the chance that you can participate in the future presale of projects increases, but there are also launchpads that guarantee you a place if you have enough tokens.

Because a large number of tokens is required to be eligible for future token issues, the price may not immediately drop significantly. In addition to the reliability of the launchpad itself, the usability of certain tokens gives additional confidence.

In addition, it is possible to generate passive income on certain launchpads. Often, users get benefits by staking tokens from the launchpad. In addition to a reward for staking, strikers can also get airdrops from other projects.

Updated on May 17, 2022
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*Paid Advertisement. Not financial advice. RugDoc is not responsible for the projects showcased here. DYOR and ape safu.