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Introduction To Rabby

Introduction To Rabby Wallet

Metamask has been the go-to extension for many DeFi and crypto users during the past few years. A simple user-friendly approach was enough to gain millions of users but competitors seem to be emerging. One of them is Rabby, a Web 3.0 wallet developed by the team behind DeBank that aims to provide a much better experience for DeFi users and NFT collectors.

The goal of Rabby is to keep crypto transactions as simple as possible while giving the user more control, privacy and security. These ambitious goals require innovation and ingenuity so let’s see how Rabby plans to become a true Metamask competitor.

What Is Rabby? #

Rabby is an open source web 3.0 wallet that can be used with Chrome and Brave browsers. Firefox and Edge integration is still under development.

The team behind Rabby has developed a popular DeFi dashboard DeBank and is now trying to create a worthy competitor to Metamask. The main goals of Rabby are to improve user experience, simplify DeFi use and enable a smooth multi-chain experience for its users.

Rabby multi-chain walllet

An Improved Multi-Chain Experience #

The first noticeable difference between Rabby and Metamask is the ability to handle multi-chain transitions very smoothly. With Metamask, if you try to use Uniswap on Ethereum and Quickswap on Polygon in two different tabs you will need to switch between networks all the time.

Rabby handles this differently and switches between networks depending on user needs. If you just made a transaction on Uniswap and want to make a new one on Polygon you won’t have to switch networks manually. The wallet does that for you.

Transaction Signing Clarity #

Signing transactions is a common occurrence in DeFi and most of the time users have no idea what they are actually signing. Non-developers will rarely understand what is going on, so they simply have to trust the protocols they are interacting with.

Thanks to their previous experience with DeBank, Rabby developers have found a way to at least try and inform you what kind of transaction you need to sign.

Rabby signing clarity

On top of that you will also see an estimated balance change once the transaction is confirmed meaning that a malicious contract should be easily recognizable with this feature.

Pre-Transaction Scanning #

Another great feature that Rabby provides is the pre-transaction risk scanning that adds a protective layer on every transaction. Before prompting you to sign a transaction Rabby will send it to a security engine for screening. Once it deems it safe you will be asked to sign it.

Any potential risks will be reported to you in the form of warning messages such as “The interacting contract has been attacked before”.

Rabby wallet security check

Ease Of Use #

Rabby’s ease of use can’t really be appreciated until you start using it. There is no need to add networks manually like with Metamask since all existing EVM-compatible networks are already added to the wallet automatically.

When you want to connect to a protocol for the first time the wallet will ask you on which network you want to do this.

Connect Rabby wallet

After that the wallet will save this configuration and switching between many different dapps on many different networks will not require you to switch between them manually every time.

Apart from this Rabby will also aggregate your holdings on all chains and display them in a compact portfolio that can track your tokens, NFT collections and DeFi deposits easily.

Rabby wallet portfolio view

Conclusion #

In terms of innovation and simplicity Rabby is surely leading the charge. Everything that Metamaks users may deem as annoying is slowly being solved by new features that are constantly being added to Rabby.

DeFi users should certainly give it a go since it simplifies multi-chain use by a lot. With all of these innovative solutions it is worth mentioning that users seem to still be hesitant to use it. So far, Rabby has gathered 30K+ downloads by Chrome users compared to over 10M Metamask users.

Updated on April 16, 2022
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*Paid Advertisement. Not financial advice. RugDoc is not responsible for the projects showcased here. DYOR and ape safu.