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How to Stake and Farm Pegaxy $PGX with KyberSwap?

Pegasus Galaxy (Pegaxy) is a futuristic racing game with mythological stylings. Pegasus (the horses) is descended from Pegasus. VIS (Vigorus) tokens will be used as currency in this game, which features PvP races with randomized elemental variables. VIS tokens can be earned by breeding, renting, selling, and of course racing Pega pets.

About Kyber Network #

DeFi’s liquidity infrastructure is provided by Kyber Network. Kyber is a liquidity hub that connects the best token rates from various protocols and sources for Dapps, aggregators, and DeFi platforms.

KYBER allows anyone to provide or access liquidity, while developers can create innovative applications, including token swap services, decentralized payments, and financial Dapps – helping build a world where any token is usable wherever it is needed. Kyber powers over 100 integrated projects and has handled over US$7 billion worth of transactions for tens of thousands of users since it was founded.

KyberSwap, the latest protocol in the liquidity hub, maximizes returns for traders and provides the best rates for liquidity providers.

How to Farm $PGX and $KNC #

Farm PGX on Kyberswap
  1. Visit KyberSwap
  2. Make sure you are on the Polygon network and have some MATIC tokens for gas transaction fees on Polygon.
Polygon network

3. Visit the Pools page and add liquidity (deposit PGX and USDT tokens) into the eligible PGX-USDT pool, which has a raindrop 💧 icon. After adding liquidity, you will receive Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens representing your pool share.


4. On the PGX-USDT farm page, click Approve. Stake your LP tokens on the PGX-USDT farm once approved. Once you start receiving PGX and KNC rewards, you can harvest them whenever you want.

PGX UDTY approve

5. You can reap your rewards at any time. You unlock rewards every time you complete a block during a 14-day vesting period.

Harvest all tokens

6. Once rewards have been unlocked, go to the Vesting tab to claim them. All unlocked PGX and KNC rewards can be claimed after 14 days (14 days are elapsed each time you harvest rewards). You can claim your unlocked rewards whenever you want.

7. You can view and remove your liquidity position on the My Pools page after unstaking your LP tokens on the Farm page.

Token Sale allocations can be staked on KNC pools or KyberDAO for additional KNC rewards, or on KrystalGO for KNC rewards. You can also trade $PGX, $USDC, $USDT and other tokens at the best rates by navigating to the Swap page.



Updated on January 21, 2022
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*Paid Advertisement. Not financial advice. RugDoc is not responsible for the projects showcased here. DYOR and ape safu.