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How to find a MasterChef contract

A MasterChef contract is a smart contract written in Solidity that controls what a farm can do and how. It is the master code that runs all operations. We can check a MasterChef to make sure a farm can’t do anything malicious or easily exploitable by reading its code and looking for rugs, bugs, or exploitable code.

There are several ways you can find a MasterChef:

  • Most Farms will be listed on RugDoc.io: RugDoc Farms List. Once there, search for the farm and click the “Masterchef” button. This will take you to the BscScan contract page for the MasterChef.
Farm listing on RugDoc.io with MasterChef button
  • Ask the team directly on their chat, email, Twitter, etc or see if it’s in their community posts: often a pinned comment in Telegram chat will include or link to this information.
  • You can check their GitHub repository to see if they have a link to their contract – but make sure you have a link to a BscScan verified contract. A BscScan verified contract will be legible and it will have a little checkmark on top.
MasterChef code viewed in network explorer
A verified contract on BscScan.com
  • You can check the farm website and look through their documents and blog (usually on medium.com) to see if they have a contracts section. If they have an audit you can also check what the audit links to or references. This is also a good way to find out if an audit is real vs fake.
  • You can go to their token contract, click on the contract creator for the token contract, and then go through the created contracts that creator has made until you find the chef
  • If the farm is live, you can check to see what contract your interaction is with by approving the farm and looking at the transaction details. Check out this article for more information on how to find the contract you’re interacting with.
Updated on July 23, 2021
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  1. Como eu posso fazer para descobrir se no caso de entrar em uma pool e caso precise fazer o emergency draw o que tenho que verificar em um contrato?

    • I am in a locked contract for 28 days, from the way it looks…. The contract value will be gone before the my 28th day is up. There is no emergency withdraw I can find. Can the contract be built so I cannot withdraw my initial investment before the 28th day? If there is a way how would I do that? I also cannot find the master chef contract.

  2. Se você precisar verificar um contrato quando olhar para o contrato, não será capaz de ler o contrato. estará em “byte code” ilegível.

    Se um código não for verificado, você deve “Emergency withdraw com a ferramento na a RugDoc.io. Se um código tiver um elemento malicioso, como um “migrator code”, você deve withdraw. Se um projeto está ativamente “rugging”, emergency withdraw.

    Preste atenção aos nossos Twitter o Telegram alertas para descobrir quando emergency withdraw.

  3. Dear Rugdoc,
    I invested in this yield project and they turned out to be scammers. Is any way I can recover money. They have wrapped the website and closed down the telegram site. The deposit went to their account on withdrawal. I tried on few dollars as few of my friends got rugged. Does Masterchef code will help in recover
    I will appreciate your help

    I have copied the transaction details.
    Transaction Hash:
    28018862 326 Block Confirmations
    4 mins ago (Jan-15-2022 08:38:15 AM +UTC)
    Interacted With (To):
    Contract 0x5070169d9a2258d24ac43d43fc41f3d87ce2c471
    Tokens Transferred:3
    • From 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000To 0x5070169d9a2258d24ac43d43fc41f3d87ce2c471 For 5.331626679462571976 HellHound (HELD)
    • From 0x5070169d9a2258d24ac43d43fc41f3d87ce2c471To 0xd506827d5a146fd77387c9fd8e90ed9f83624d53 For 2.142606187565265519 HellHound (HELD)
    • From 0x5070169d9a2258d24ac43d43fc41f3d87ce2c471To 0xd236d13d606b86d7acb5188274de072faef18d9f For 0.000002 Spooky LP (spLP)

    • Hello, No, unfortunately there’s nothing you can do to get your stolen assets back. Make sure to DYOR before investing in a project!

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*Paid Advertisement. Not financial advice. RugDoc is not responsible for the projects showcased here. DYOR and ape safu.