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How to create a Chainweaver wallet account (Kadena)

How to create a chainweaver wallet account

In order to receive Kadena (KDA) tokens, you will need to install Chainweaver, which is the official software wallet for the Kadena public blockchain, create an account and get your Kadena (KDA) address.

Create a new wallet #

  1. Go to the official site: https:///www.kadena.io/chainweaver and click ‘Create a new wallet’.
Create a new wallet 1
  1. Create a strong, secret and unique password, enter it in the field correspondingly, and click ‘Continue’.
Create a new wallet 2
  1. Next, you must acknowledge that you are solely responsible for securing your recovery phrase. 
Create a new wallet 3
  1. Write down your 12-word recovery phrase or click “copy” and save your recovery phrase somewhere safely.
Create a new wallet 4
  1. Verify that you have correctly recorded your recovery phrase.
Create a new wallet 5
  1. Once completed, you will see a Wallet Created success screen.
Create a new wallet 6

Add an account

  1. Unlock your Chainweaver Wallet by entering the password
Add an account 1
  1. Click ‘Add Account’ from the toolbar in the Wallet section.
Add an account 2
  1. Fill in the Account Name and it’s Done!
Add an account 3

Interface Overview #

Chainweaver’s interface consists of three main elements, Network Display, Sections Menu, Main Viewer.

Interface overview

Network Display: This display bar persists across all screen views with Chainweaver, so you will always know the network with which you are interacting.

Section Menu (Left bar): Use this menu to go to different Sections

  • Accounts: Display of all added accounts and their status across chains. Deposit and withdraw KDA
  • Keys: Display of all public keys generated within the wallet
  • Contracts: Write, deploy and interact with smart contracts
  • Resources: Reference helpful support materials
  • Settings: Configures wallet and network settings
  • Logout: Logout of the desktop application

Main Viewer (Center screen): This is where you interact with the section you have chosen from the Sections Menu

Conclusion #

Upgrading Chainweaver is essential for keeping your crypto assets sage and enjoying new features for interacting with the Kadena blockchain ecosystem. The latest version of Chainweaver will always be available for download at https://www.kadena.io/chainweaver.

Updated on November 15, 2021
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*Paid Advertisement. Not financial advice. RugDoc is not responsible for the projects showcased here. DYOR and ape safu.