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How To Bridge Ethereum To Arbitrum Using The Hop Exchange Bridge

How To Bridge ETH To Arbitrum

Arbitrum is one of the most popular Ethereum Layer 2 solutions but bridging Ethereum there was either too expensive or too complicated for most DeFi users. While ETH fees are still very high there are a few ways you can completely bypass them if you bridge your funds using the Hop Exchange bridge.

Step 1 – Add Arbitrum As a Custom Network #

The first thing you will need to do is add Arbitrum as a custom network to your metamask wallet. This can be done by clicking on the dropdown menu and selecting the “Add Network” option.

Add Arbitrum metamask

From here enter the following information:

Network Name: Arbitrum One

New RPC URL: https://arb1.arbitrum.io/rpc

Chain ID: 42161

Symbol: AETH

Block Explorer URL: https://arbiscan.io

After that click “save” and you will be ready for the next step.

Step 2 – Connect Your Wallet #

Go to the Hop Exchange homepage and run the Dapp by clicking on the “Use HOP” button.

Hop exchange

Connect your wallet by clicking on the button in the top right corner of your screen and once connected you will be ready to bridge your funds.

This step also requires you to have some Ethereum in your wallet. If you are bridging from Mainnet simply select it as the source chain and set Arbitrum as your destination chain.

Send ETH to Arbitrum

Those that have WETH on chains that have lower transaction fees like Polygon or Gnosis can also bridge ETH directly to Arbitrum at much lower rates than from Mainnet. The proces is exactly the same, just be sure to select the appropriate chain as the one you are sending from and Arbitrum as your final destination.

Hop exchange send ETH

If you want the tokens to be bridged to a different wallet on Arbitrum click on the “Options” button and add the address manually.

Hop Exchange custom options

Step 3 – Send The Funds #

Once everything is set up correctly the final step would be to send the funds. Enter the amount of Ethereum you want to send, approve the spend transaction on Hop and wait for it to confirm. Once confirmed you may need to refresh the page before the “Send” option becomes available.

After that click on “Send”, confirm the transaction, and wait for your funds to arrive. There is no claiming process when you bridge through Hop Exchange as the Arbitrum Ethereum is deposited directly into your wallet on the other end. You will only need to wait for the transaction to be confirmed properly.

Different networks have different waiting times, but it will all be clearly displayed on the bridge interface.

Conclusion #

Arbitrum, just like many other Layer 2 solutions on Ethereum, is a great way to get away from the high transaction fees on Ethereum but still enjoy the security perks of this network. Confirmation time is almost instant, similar to that on Optimism, giving users one more reason to test the network and explore the possibilities of a Layer 2 solution on Etheruem.

Updated on April 25, 2022
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*Paid Advertisement. Not financial advice. RugDoc is not responsible for the projects showcased here. DYOR and ape safu.